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Sitting by the Lake

Compassionate Counseling & Coaching for life's many challenges. A safe space to embrace self-care and begin the journey towards healing, growth & overall wellness.


Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and unsure how to move forward? Whether you're struggling with depression and anxiety, navigating a difficult relationship, or facing the challenges of chronic illness, you don't have to go through it alone.


We understand the difficulties you're experiencing and create a safe space for you to heal and grow. We specialize in creating personalize plans to help you overcome everyday obstacles and rediscover joy, confidence, and purpose in your life. Ready to start your journey towards a happier, healthier you? Schedule your Free Consultation Today. Let us help you to live a more balanced life.

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Feeling like an imposter in your new career? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many professionals experience imposter syndrome at some point. Our coaching program is specifically designed for new and graduating professionals. Our mission is to help you gain strategies to silence self-doubts, unlock your inner leader and develop stress management techniques to manage career challenges. You’ll learn how to transition from novice to pro with our tailored modules and personalized coaching that picks up where your formal education ends. Stop feeling unsure and start leading with confidence. Contact us today!

About Us

Maekela Delk is a dedicated and compassionate Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate with a diverse background and a passion for helping others. Maekela’s clients often describe her as warm, welcoming, and gifted at creating a safe space for vulnerability and growth. She has a true servant's heart!

Maekela earned her Master's in Counseling from Liberty University in 2017. She brings to her work, over 20 years of corporate experience in staffing and analytics. Maekela leverages her unique background to effectively assess your needs and develop tailored treatment plans to meet you where you are. Maekela works to build trust through listening, strong communication and emotional intelligence. Working together, you'll become empowered to overcome daily challenges and experience positive growth and change.

"Maekela is a passionate and compassionate person. When we worked together, her goal was always to seek understanding, look for solutions and always work with her heart. She cares about others, and it shows in everything she does."

- L. C.

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